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Established in the capital city of Jakarta, in February 2004. PPP Indonesia (PPPI) was set up to meet the demand for quality training and consulting in public-private partnerships, regulation, and management of utility reform and infrastructure development in the economic development of Indonesia. Regular training courses, in Bahasa Indonesia and English, are offered on a regular/monthly basis, with customized programs scheduled every 3 months in cooperation with a variety of national institutional and local governments (Provinsi/Kabupaten/Kota) institutions in Indonesia. Focus is also made on conducting Linkage Programs, whereby the participants are given theoretical studies at prominent local universities, and then practical presentations and site visits are organized in various countries overseas (North America, Asia, Australia, Europe, etc.). PPP Indonesia is also offers consultancy services to the Government of Indonesia as well as Regional Local governments and enterprises in this vast and complex economy.

PPP Indonesia Founder :


As  a  former  public  servant,  he  has  extensive  experience  in  the  of government projects and their organizational mechanism, funded by both government and donor funding. In the private sector,  he also has  extensive  experience in  the generation of  funding  for  projects  (project  financing),  especially  as  Senior Advisor  to  the  development  of  projects/investment  for  various local governments.

He  has  also  been  tasked  by  the  United  Nations  Development Program (UNDP) to assist the National Planning Agency (BAPPENAS) in designing the Financing Mechanism for PPP Projects   in   the “social infrastructure” sectors,   such   as education and health.

Also, in his role as Transaction Advisor , he has been asked to assist several private investors in setting up the most appropriate scheme of PPPs, to “breakthrough” the financing challenges being faced in the development of infrastructure in Indonesia.

On  the  Local  Government  level,  he  has  helped  to  design  and formulate   the   Master   Plan   for   Regional  Investment   (Rencana Umum  Penanaman  Modal  Daerah/RUPMD)  and  support  capacity building of the Coordination Team for Regional PPP (Tim Koordinasi Kerja Sama Daerah/TKKSD) of the City of Bekasi.

Among other things, he has also assisted the Directorate General of Highways  (Bina  Marga)  in  designing  and  formulating  the  most appropriate form of PPPs (including Availability Payment/AP Schemes) and Government Support in implementing  the  National  Road  Master  Plan  (NRMP),  funded  by DFAT through the IndII project.

Recently, he worked on the preparations for implementing PPP approaches (including Transit Oriented Development / TOD) in the Mass Rapid Transit (MRT) and Light Rail Transit (LRT) systems , the sewerage system, renewable energy development, Semi-High Speed Rail and Government Guarantees for several water  supply  systems  in Indonesia (Jatiluhur, Pekanbaru, Semarang).

Most recently, he took up the position as AP (Availability Payment) Coordinator in KIAT (Kerjasama Indonesia Australia untuk Infrastruktur), a program funded by DFAT (Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade – Government of Australia) and implemented by Cardno (Australia).

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