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Friday, 24 April 2020 00:00

Established in the capital city of Jakarta, in February 2004. PPP Indonesia was set up to meet the demand for quality training and consulting in public-private partnerships, regulation, and management of utility reform and infrastructure development in the economic development of Indonesia. Regular training courses, in Bahasa Indonesia and English, are offered on a regular/monthly basis, with customized programs scheduled every 3 months in cooperation with a variety of national institutional and local governments (Provinsi/Kabupaten/Kota) institutions in Indonesia. Focus is also made on conducting Linkage Programs, whereby the participants are given theoretical studies at prominent local universities, and then practical presentations and site visits are organized in various countries overseas (North America, Asia, Australia, Europe, etc.). PPP Indonesia is also offers consultancy services to the Government of Indonesia as well as Regional Local governments and enterprises in this vast and complex economy.

Over the last two decades, developing nations around the world have spent, on average, 4% of their national output on infrastructure. Despite these massive expenditures, 1.1 billion people still lack access to safe water, 4 billion lack sound wastewater disposal, 2.4 billion lack adequate sanitation, and 2 billion lack electric power.


PPPI believes that where large government expenditures do not translate into improved public services, the problem is often a combination of weak institutional capacity, poor governance structures, a lack of incentives for efficiency, and political interference. Public-private partnerships (PPPs) are not the only solution to this problem, but they can be an effective tool for addressing the underlying causes of inefficiency and putting poorly performing public enterprises on the path to recovery. P3's mission is to work with our clients and their stakeholders to design partnerships that draw on the comparative strengths of the public and the private sectors in order to improve the delivery of services in a manner that is affordable, equitable, and sustainable PPPI has pioneered the development of innovative public-private partnerships across a range of sectors.


Aeromovel for A Greater Transportation System

Aeromovel is a reliable, efficient, and cost effective innovation in passenger transportation using air propulsion for the movement of lightweight, high volume vehicles. The technology is unique, with the established goal to reduce cost through simplicity

The system combines low capital costs, high performance, easy and fast implementation, environmental compatibility, comfort, and reliability through its pneumatic propulsion technology. The advantages of Aeromovel flow directly from the systems uncomplicated concepts and extremely high payload to weight ratio. This results in demonstrably reduced acquisition, installation, operation and maintenance costs in comparison with conventional fixed guideway transit. Successful implementations of Aeromovel are currently in operation in Brazil and Indonesia.


Public Private Partnerships (PPP) Infrastructure Project Plan In Indonesia, Ministry of National Development Planning/National Development Planning Agency

Government of Indonesia (GoI) has highlighted that approximately IDR 2,877 trillion (60% of total infrastructure funding needs) is required to fill the gap of total infrastructure funding needs. It is essential to improve the private participation in accelerating infrastructure development in Indonesia up to 40% through Public Private Partnership (PPP) scheme as an alternate creative financing.

Furthermore, to advance the quality of infrastructure services, private entity expected to contribute in sharing their knowledge and experience in the development, operation, and management of qualified infrastructure services.

Moreover, the Government of Indonesia has committed to continuously improve and innovate in increasing investment attractiveness and to assure involvement of private sector.

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